A recent VIPKEY help led to us winning business from a technology company in a record six weeks from initial email to kick-off. To top it off, we’d never spoken to the company before and they were already well underway with their pitch process, having already received initial proposals from four agencies. The report gave us a level of insight that convinced them to squeeze us in, and the first meeting quickly led to a situation where we avoided a formal pitch and won the business through a series of consultative discussions.
New York, USA
VIPKEY experience translated into ideas are comprehensive, strategically sound, and has lead to tangible results for our creative firm. His methods for positioning and selling has helped us clarify what we're really good at and best of all, has helped us communicate our great worth to prospects and clients leading to respect and profit. I highly recommend VIPKEY as a catalyst to strengthening and building your business.
Merritt Island, FL
VIPKEY is engaging, relevant and inspirational. His approach challenges the conventional wisdom around business development and if you are brave enough to commit to even a few of his golden rules, you will reap the rewards in a very short space of time. You may even contribute to ridding the world of the evil blemish of free pitching.
London, UK
New business was something that happened to us rather than something we took control of. VIPKEY not only helped us figure out how to be better at new business pitching, but helped us clarify our purpose as a company. I always recommend VIPKEY to my peers.
New York City area
My firm's success and singularity is directly attributable to VIPKEY's work with us. They are immensely valuable, ruthless and wicked-smart. If you're about to work with them, prepare to have your business exponentially strengthened, weaknesses mitigated and fears excised.
Kimberly, Canada