Exhibition & Events Management Consultancy

VIPKEY Business Class specializes in assisting you with corporate travel management services for business travel, group travel, conferences, events, and more. There may also be times when leisure travel becomes part of your executives’ business trip. Exhibition days are pressured and busy for you. Conferences demand your full attention. You have invested a great deal in your appearance and now want to concentrate entirely on your core tasks and maintaining your business contacts. VIPKEY ensures that you have both hands free to do this. We provide effective and comprehensive relief from all the tasks associated with your exhibition and conference activities. From the hotel and shuttle service to the buzzing exhibition party, we organize everything for you, from one supplier. You can rely on us completely for this, as we are always on location in person and with one permanent contact. Book our service and pool your strengths in your exhibition and conference success!

Do you need a customized display or stand for your products, services and company representatives? No problem! we will design and build a display or exhibition stand that reflects your company’s professionalism and your brand’s uniqueness.

Whether you need a simple and practical design, an interactive space or a multi-story exhibition stand complete with product displays, meeting and food and beverage areas and all the technical and audiovisual elements embedded, we will create a functional, original and effective space that meets your objectives and fits your budget.

As part of our stand and display design services we will:

  • Work with you on a concept that fits your budget and objectives
  • Design the stand, complete with technical and audiovisual considerations
  • Custom build the elements and assemble the stand or display on location
  • Liaise with the venue and exhibition organizers on your behalf
  • Hire professional on-site support staff such as hostesses, waiters and promoters

VIPKEY is an event solutions company that takes care of your temporary staffing solutions to make your events maximize their success. We provide hostesses, sales promoters, translators, customer service for all events that your company is planning.

Our team is dedicated to making your event a memorable and a fantastic experience for both your clients and yourself! We aim to exceed our client’s expectations through dedication, honesty, productivity and reliability.